Ptfe Coated Fiberglass Fabric

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Ptfe Coated Fiberglass Fabric are made from best imported fiberglass as the weaving material to plain knit or specially knit into superior fiberglass basic cloth, coated with fine PTFE resin then make it into various of ptfe high temperature resistance cloth in different thickness and widths.

  • FOB Price: USD4-5 /sqm
  • Min.Order Quantity: 10sqm
  • Supply Ability: 50,000 sqm per Month
  • Loading Port: Xingang,China
  • Payment Terms: L/C at sight,T/T,PAYPAL, WESTERN UNION
  • Delivery Period: 3-10days after advance payment or confirmed L / C received
  • Packing Details: It covered with film,packed in cartons,loaded on pallets or as the customer required
  • Product Detail


    Ptfe Coated Fiberglass Fabric


    1. Weather resistance: it can be used in a wide range of temperature from – 60 ℃ to 300 ℃ for a long time. The aging test is carried out under 300 ℃ for 200 days continuously. The strength and weight will not be reduced.

    It can work at 360 ℃ for 120 hours without aging, cracking and good flexibility.

    2. Non adhesive: paste, adhesive resin, organic coatings and almost all sticky substances can be easily removed from the surface.

    3. Mechanical properties: the surface can bear the compression load of 200kg / cm2, and it will not deform and roll out. It has very low friction coefficient, excellent dimensional stability, tensile elongation ≤ 5%.

    4. Electrical insulation: with unique electrical insulation, dielectric constant 2.6, dielectric loss tangent below 0.0025.

    5. Corrosion resistance: it can resist the corrosion of almost all medicaments and articles. It will not be aged and deformed under strong acid and alkali conditions

    6. Very low friction coefficient (0.05-0.1), is the best choice for oil-free self lubrication

    7. It is safe and non-toxic, and has been approved by FDA and lfgb in Europe. It is widely used in food processing, packaging and other fields.

    8. Resistant to microwave, high frequency, violet and infrared

    Ptfe Fiberglass Fabric




    1. Adhesive resistant lining, gasket, cloth and conveyor belt; according to the thickness, it is used for various drying machinery conveyor belt, adhesive belt, sealing belt, etc.


    2. Plastic products welding: Welding cloth for welding sealing; plastic sheet, film, heat seal lamination lining.


    3. High insulation of electrical: electrical insulation tape base, spacer, gasket, lining ring, high frequency copper clad plate.


    4. Heat resistant cladding: laminated base material, insulation binding.


    5. Microwave gasket, oven, food drying, heat seal, frozen food transportation, defrosting belt, drying belt


    6. Adhesive belt, transfer printing and pressing tablecloth, carpet back adhesive curing conveyor belt, rubber vulcanization conveyor belt, abrasive sheet curing off-type cloth, etc.


    7. Mold: mold demoulding, pressure sensitive tape base cloth.


    8. Building membrane materials: roof, Station Pavilion, parasol, landscape canopy, etc. in various sports places.


    9. It is used for anti-corrosion cladding of various petrochemical pipelines, environmental protection and desulfurization of power plant exhaust gas.


    10. Flexible compensator, friction material, grinding wheel slice.


    11. After special processing, it can be made as “antistatic cloth”.

    PTFE package

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  • 1. What is MOQ?


    2. What thickness of the PTFE fabric?


    3. Can we print our logo in mat?

    PTFE surface, also called ptfe, very smooth, not able to print anything in mat itself

    4. What the package of the PTFE fabric?

    The package is export carton.

    5. Can you get the custom size?

    Yes, we can offer you the ptfe fabric you desired size.

    6. What is the unit cost for 100roll,500roll,including freight via express to the united states?

    Need know how is your size, thickness and requirement then we can calculate the freight. Also freight varies every month, will tell right after your exact enquiry.

    7. May we take samples? How much will you charge?

    Yes, Samples which size A4 are free. Just freight collect or pay freight to our paypal account.

    USA/West Euope/Australia USD30,South-East asia USD20.Other area, quote separtely

    8. How long will it take to receive samples?

    4-5days will make you receive samples

    9. Can we pay for the samples via paypal?


    10. How long will it take to manufacturer once an order has been placed?

    Normally will be 3-7days. For busy season, qty over 100ROLL or special delivery requirement you need, we will discuss separately.

    11. What is your competivity?

    A. Manufacture. Price competitive

    B. 20years Manufacturing experience. China’s 2nd earilst factory in PTFE/silicone coated material production. Abundant experience in quality control and good quality garanteed.

    C. One-off, small to medium batch production, small order design service

    D. BSCI audited factory, bidding experience in large supermarket of USA and EU.

    E. Fast, reliable delivery

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