Who knows acrylic coated cloth?

In order to make the glass fiber cloth have better mechanical processing performance, to overcome the glass fiber is not wear resistant, scratchy shortcomings, according to the requirements of different uses, we configure the corresponding formula, the glass fiber cloth for various binding yarn fixed grain processing, after fixed grain processing acrylic coated glass fiber cloth has the following characteristics:

It has good wear resistance and good film formation.

The hardness of the fabric can be controlled according to customer requirements, easy to cut, sewing and processing.

Reduce the glass fiber flying catkins to human skin irritation, reduce human itching.

Excellent flame retardancy.

A variety of color choice, the user is easier to classify, partition use.

Good economy.

Application field

Surface layer of thermal insulation cotton board.

Removable insulation jacket and insulation pad.

Fire door, fire curtain.

Other fire insulation systems.



Post time: Aug-04-2022