What is fire-resistant silicone cloth?

Nowadays, with the rapid development of society, the development of every city has to go through chemical plants, oil plants, power plants and so on. There are security risks in these places, and fires may break out, causing huge property and casualties. At this point, the role of the fireproof silicone belt comes. Fireproof cloth can effectively prevent fire, reduce the loss of personnel and property, eliminate the embryonic stage of fire. But many enterprises in the market use silicone cloth material is relatively poor, the temperature is slightly higher, we use glass fiber silicone material can effectively prevent fire.

silicone coated fiberglass cloth

Compared with ordinary fireproof canvas, silicone cloth has many advantages. First of all, silicone cloth high temperature resistance, flame retardant, fire prevention effect is good, the working temperature is -70℃~+260℃, short-term temperature resistance can reach +310℃. Secondly, silicone cloth has strong corrosion resistance, oil resistance and various chemical corrosion resistance, so the material can be used in machinery, construction, chemical industry and other fields. Third, the silicone cloth has a long service life, about 10 years of normal use.

Because of these advantages, silica gel cloth has become an irreplaceable raw material in many fields. For example, the main material of fire-proof soft connection of fire-fighting ventilation and air conditioning system is silicone cloth; The main material of non-metallic compensator is silicone cloth; In addition, silicone cloth is also used for packaging machinery, printing machinery and other equipment. In the future, silicone cloth will be used for high temperature resistance, fire prevention, flame retardant, insulation materials in construction, industry, electronics and other fields.



Post time: Feb-14-2023