The advantages of aluminum foil cloth used in heat preservation and insulation

Advantages of aluminum foil cloth insulation:

The overall structure of aluminum foil cloth is simple, the production process can avoid material waste and environmental pollution;

Can be used in the workshop roof waterproof air insulation, sunscreen and heat insulation;

As a waterproof layer protection, to avoid thermal stress, cover the UV surface bubble damage;

Moisture resistance makes it have long-term stable thermal insulation performance and compressive strength;

Long time with the function of heat insulation, extend the use of the building time;

fireproof aluminum foil fiberglass cloth

Physical parameters of aluminum foil cloth

1. Quantification :145-155 g/m2

2. Tensile fracture strength: longitudinal 665 N/25×100mm transverse 395 N/25×100mm

3. Elongation at break: 5.4% longitudinal and 4.7% transverse

4. Water vapor permeability: 0.28g/m2 in 24 hours

5. Temperature resistance :-15℃ for 24 hours without change (surface level, no cracking, no degumming) 80 ℃ for 24 hours without change (surface level, no cracking, no degumming)

6. Breaking strength: 332N

7 fire rating: flame spread “0″ flame surface spread “1″


aluminum foil laminated fiberglass cloth



Post time: Jul-27-2022