silicon fiberglass cloth,you best choice

Pie crust, pizza dough, strudel: no matter what you are baking, the best pastry mat will help simplify the preparation process and provide you with the most delicious results. For this, you need to consider whether to use a pastry mat or pastry board, and which material to use.
Your first choice is between the silicone pastry mat and the traditional pastry board. Since the silicone pad is heat-resistant, you can actually prepare and bake it, thereby reducing cleaning time and the use of baking sprays. They are also dishwasher safe, resistant to odors, and can be rolled up and stored compactly. However, since most of them contain glass fibers, if the core is exposed when cutting with a knife, they will no longer be food safe.
Pastry board is a more classic choice (for example: Parisian pastry shop), while materials such as granite and marble have temperature-regulating properties to keep the pastry cool while you use it. Some pastry boards (such as granite) can be used safely in the oven, but other materials (such as wood) cannot be used. Remember: pastry boards tend to be more expensive, heavier, and require more care and maintenance.
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These pastry mats provide great convenience and can be seamlessly transferred from the preparation on your countertop to the oven for baking, and finally to the dishwasher for easy cleaning. They have freezer safety and heat resistance up to 450 degrees, and the mesh core dissipates heat evenly for consistent results. Because they are non-sticky, there is no need to add fat or cooking spray, and they can also be used for baking. But remember to pay attention to cutting: once the glass fiber core penetrates, it must be replaced. These mats always have a high rating, and each set comes with two.
Fans said: “The biscuits on the Kitzini mat are perfectly made, even at the bottom. Not only that, they also slip out of the pot more easily, and the mat is also easy to wash. Highly recommended!”
Through the conversion of imperial and metric measurements and printing on the surface, this silicone pastry mat makes baking a breeze-no need to pull out a ruler or use a clumsy hand to pick up the phone to perform calculations. Like the last product, it is oven and dishwasher safe, but be careful to use a sharp knife for cutting when using it. Choose from four sizes.
Fans said: “The measurement and conversion table is useful, but the best is the mat itself. [...] I use this mat to make sourdough bread. (I also use it to make pizza dough.) I can knead it into a paste. daccess dough, it doesn’t slip. It doesn’t! It sticks to it like glue, but it’s easy to lift to remove or reposition.”
When you prepare the dough, this granite pastry board (which has twice the advantage of pizza) can keep cool and-once placed in the oven, it can evenly dissipate heat for continuous baking. It is heavy and fairly resistant to chips and scratches, but you will want to maintain a gentle attitude. The stone has a chrome shelf, which can be easily transferred from the counter to the oven, and it can well prevent the hot stone from burning any surface after it comes out of the oven.
Fans said: “It can really help me bake a good dough bread. It is bulky, which is why the steel frame on which it sits is very useful and can be carried with me. A good product.”
This marble pastry board cushion is perhaps the most elegant choice on the list. It is as good as granite and keeps the dough cool during use. It weighs 29 pounds, which is definitely the heaviest plank, which makes mobility trickier. Also, you need to be careful: it is slightly softer than granite, so it is more susceptible to debris and scratches, and you should be careful with oils and dyes because they can stain the surface over time.
However, there is no dispute that this is the most friendly photo choice for showing your pastry creations, and you can even choose a matching marble rolling stick to complete this setting.
Fans said: “Beautiful, with a large pastry and dough size. The texture is beautiful and the items are tightly packed. Highly recommended!”
This wooden pastry mat is perfect for kneading pastry dough and cutting it into individual pastries. The board is made of hardwood maple and birch, and has a size that burns into the wood on one side, making it easy to measure length and diameter.
However, wooden pastry boards need to be regularly coated with meat oil, and some buyers also recommend buying non-slip cutting board pads to increase grip.
A fan said: “I like this board. One side is used for cutting vegetables, the other side is used for dough and pastries. It can even measure one side of the dough, and it can also make pie crusts. I like to bake bread and process it on this board. It’s a lot of fun.”
If you want to use a toaster to meet most baking needs, or just need a more compact silicone pastry mat for smaller projects, this version of Silpat is a good choice. Like other silicone pads, it is non-sticky, oven-safe, and can dissipate heat for consistent results-but on a much smaller scale.
The fan said: “I really like these silicone pads. I use a lot of time when baking. There is no need to grease the pan and the food will not stick to it. They are a must in my kitchen and have a long life. a long time.”

Post time: Mar-12-2021