PTFE Fiberglass cloth

If you have used the best gaming mouse, its ultra-precise sensor, high DPI and smooth PTFE feet are all inseparable from the high-quality surface to move it. Of course, your rodent can be tracked without a dedicated pad, but it will not move smoothly, and it may cost you a round. This is why you buy the best gaming mouse pad and choose the best gaming headset The same important reason.
It doesn’t have to be a boring purchase either. There are a variety of sizes to choose from, the RGB lighting is synchronized with other hardware in your settings, the unique design on the surface, different materials that affect the sliding speed of the mouse, and even wireless charging for your rodents , So you don’t need to plug it in again.
Regardless of your budget or brand, we have a choice for you, from SteelSeries to Logitech to Razer. Whether you want to buy our favorite low-cost pad or an RGB mouse pad that is more expensive than a budget gaming mouse, we will ensure that you get an excellent sliding experience.
SteelSeries cushions are the best all-rounders. It looks smart, it won’t tear after a few intense multiplayer games, and it works well with rodents of any price. SteelSeries uses special micro-woven fabrics to provide the ultimate smoothness and accuracy for optical and laser sensors. The rubber non-slip base means it can maintain its position on the best gaming tables, no matter how heavy the way you use the mouse.
It is also available in a variety of sizes and colors, including a limited edition in the SteelSeries store, which is perfect for customizing your settings based on high or low DPI. Although you can choose a cheaper pad, SteelSeries mouse pads are popular because their build quality can stand the test of time, which means that this model should last for many years.
If you want to add some flair to your game settings, Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma can place 16.8 million colors on the desktop, with RGB lighting on the edges. Even better, if you are already using Razer’s best gaming keyboard, the lights will sync seamlessly.
Goliathus also uses a non-slip rubber base to prevent any movement during violent and fast sliding, and uses a built-in cable stay to prevent any obstacles to the wired mouse.
This Amazon-branded surface is a simple choice, if you want to buy a cheap mouse like Nacon GM-180 and don’t want to spend more money on the mat than the clicker itself, then it is the perfect choice. It is available in small, mini, XXL and extended sizes, depending on your preference.
As a bonus, it can be machine washed, and if you are a clumsy eater or spilled your drink, it is the ideal model.
Jialong’s oversized mouse pad is perfect for adding some extra style to your setup, stretching the world map on your desk-at least you will have something to stare at even during the pairing process.
As an extended mouse pad, the best gaming keyboard is unlikely to move when placed on it, but the tire tread rubber underside also helps it stay in place on your desk. It also has strong edge stitching, which will not fall apart after several contact with the mouse.
Logitech’s G440 uses a hard polymer surface instead of cloth, which reduces the friction of clicker handling. Since no fabric will wear out over time, it should last longer and have less resistance, which means you should hit the ball faster in CS:GO as the mouse rolls over.
As expected, the Logitech mouse pad has been carefully designed to work perfectly with the optical sensor inside its own gaming mouse, so although it is suitable for any clicker, it is a perfect match for Logitech G Rodent.
When you have a mouse pad to charge you, charging the best wireless gaming mouse is not necessarily a chore. Just plug in one of them and you no longer have to manage cables-at least for your rodents. Logitech’s Powerplay pad is still the gold standard because it can charge no matter where you place your mouse, and it comes with a cloth and hard G440 pad in the box. The only thing to note is that you need to have a Logitech compatible Lightspeed wireless device to work properly.
The Corsair MM1000 follows closely because it is fully compatible and can charge any Qi-enabled wireless device (including the best smartphones), but since only one corner of the mat can be wirelessly charged, you must remember to The mouse pops out of your game session, it does not completely solve the main problem of forgetting to charge the device.
It depends on how much desktop space you have and how much you move the mouse while aiming or navigating the operating system. If you run high DPI in most situations and only need to flick your wrist, you can choose almost any option, and those who move their arms want to avoid using smaller mouse pads. In these cases, extended surfaces such as Jialong mouse pad, Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma, or desktop-length SteelSeries Qck will be better.
Although a soft mouse pad made of fabric material is the most popular choice, a hard mouse pad is another alternative that may be beneficial to you. It is easier to clean and has less friction than the fabric model. Logitech’s G440 is a good hard choice, it can achieve the fastest movement.
However, for high-end gaming mice that use PTFE feet, they can still slide easily over the fabric option. Amazon’s private label pad is a good choice, if you have a budget and want to stick to fabric, the cost is almost zero while maintaining a high quality similar to the other mouse pads on this list.
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