Is thicker carbon fiber cloth better quality? The “four looks” look at the door!

People often ask: do you want first-class cloth or second-class cloth? Carbon fiber cloth is also known as carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber braided cloth, carbon fiber prepreg cloth, carbon fiber reinforced cloth, carbon fiber fabric, carbon fiber belt, carbon fiber sheet (prepreg cloth), etc.

 And carbon fiber cloth is a level and two points, the thickness of 0.167mm is 300g/㎡ carbon cloth, the thickness of 0.111mm is 200g/㎡ carbon cloth. Therefore, we can determine the gram number of carbon cloth by the thickness of carbon cloth. The thickness has no direct relationship with the quality of carbon cloth, nor can it be used as the basis to judge whether the quality of carbon cloth is high.
carbon fiberglass roll
Professional people do professional things, so what do we mainly look at when choosing carbon cloth? Please remember the following four, choose carbon cloth you are a professional.

1. Look at the level

The tensile strength of primary carbon cloth is greater than or equal to 3400MPa, the elastic modulus is 230GPa, and the elongation is 1.6%.

The tensile strength of secondary carbon cloth is greater than or equal to 3000MPa, the elastic modulus is 200GPa, and the elongation is 1.5%.

2. Second, look at the specifications

High quality carbon fiber cloth is braided with small bundles of 12K. There are also many businesses to use more than a dozen k number to perfunctory, resulting in reduced bond quality.

Carbon Fibre Tap
3. Look at the exterior again
When burned, the carbon fiber cloth should turn red, so it won’t curl and burn. If it is other dyed silk woven cloth, may be ignited,. High quality carbon fiber tow is relatively black and bright, smooth and delicate when touched by hand, the tow is even and smooth, the cloth surface is flat, and there are no serious appearance defects such as broken weft, falling out of weft or broken warp.
carbon fiberglass cloth
4, measure to see the size

The quality CFRP has a difference of less than 1.5% in length and less than 0.5% in width, while the quality CFRP has a larger difference, which can be determined by dimensional measurement.

In the final analysis, the mechanical properties of carbon fiber cloth are the basis of whether carbon fiber cloth is good or bad. In the process of reinforcement and reconstruction, we should choose a more reasonable and suitable carbon fiber cloth for construction according to the design requirements or the engineering needs, so as to ensure safety and achieve the ideal effect.

Post time: Feb-28-2022