Is the floor strengthened with carbon fiber useful

Will the floor crack after carbon fiber reinforcement? In many old houses, the floor slab moves inward after many years of use, concave in the middle, arc-shaped, cracked, and even the reinforcement and prestressed reinforcement at the beam bottom are exposed, resulting in corrosion and seriously endangering the service life of the building. Therefore, many projects will choose to strengthen the floor slab with building carbon fiber cloth, but will the floor slab strengthened with carbon fiber be safe? Are there any hidden dangers?
After the floor is damaged, the common method is to strengthen the building carbon fiber cloth, also known as building carbon fiber cloth reinforcement. Paste a layer of building carbon fiber cloth on the inside, beam bottom and outside of the floor bottom and side beam. If you want to avoid subsequent hazards, you should choose a reliable manufacturer of building carbon fiber cloth, which is better to choose at one time than worrying in the future.

The carbon fiber cloth bundle is straight and the cloth surface is flat. It adheres to the advantages of carbon fiber height, high elastic modulus, corrosion resistance and aging resistance, and the tensile strength reaches 3800MPa. It has strong toughness, can be bent and wound, is free from chemical corrosion and pollution-free, and can meet the reinforcement needs of various beams and floors.

The resin glue of carbon fiber cloth can fully infiltrate and penetrate the carbon fiber cloth, make each carbon wire play a role, and protect the composite layer from various adverse environmental factors. The harmless Maison impregnated resin glue and Maison building carbon fiber cloth can form a complete carbon fiber cloth reinforcement system. If the quality of building carbon fiber cloth reinforcement is to be improved to a higher level, maintenance shall be carried out after pasting the building carbon fiber cloth. After the construction, after the surface glue is dry, the fireproof coating or cement mortar shall be sprayed as the protective layer, which is more safe and beautiful.

Post time: Dec-13-2021