How to guarantee the service life of CFRP cloth to reach the standard?

In the field of construction engineering reinforcement, carbon fiber cloth reinforcement can be said to be the limelight in recent years, no two, in all walks of life to make a fist, harvest a great fans, thanks in large part to benefit from it has unique advantages, for example the construction is convenient, is beneficial to improve construction efficiency, shorten the construction period, and its reinforcement effect is prominent, It can effectively improve the bearing capacity and stability of components.

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However, in the actual use of the process, there are often customers and owners to inquire about the service life of carbon fiber cloth about how long? How to effectively guarantee the use of carbon fiber cloth instructions? Many friends have such doubts, so today and we will analyze the problem in this respect.

 Let’s first take a look at how long CFRP can be used in general. Although the state does not specify how long CFRP can be guaranteed, data from numerous engineering projects suggest that CFRP can last as long as 50 years.

The simple answer is carbon fiber cloth, which can last about 50 years if it is relatively qualified and there are no major maintenance errors.

 Then maybe some friends will ask, how to ensure the service life of carbon fiber cloth, which is another topic. We should understand that there are many factors that affect how long CFRP can be used.
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First is the quality problem of carbon fiber cloth, and the quality of the cloth is largely determined by the carbon fiber, so in order to guarantee the service life of carbon cloth, will improve the quality of the carbon fiber, can buy some imported products, for example toray produce carbon fiber, it is guaranteed in terms of quality. Consider the production technology of the product even additionally, also can affect service life to a great extent, should look for the brand that makes technology stronger so, use the product that these strong place produces.

The second is often used with carbon fiber cloth with the quality of the impregnation. If the quality of dipping glue is inferior, then even if the quality of carbon cloth is good,

Can not form an effective match, will greatly reduce the service life of the product.

Post time: Apr-24-2022