How to distinguish primary and secondary carbon fiber cloth?

When purchasing carbon fiber reinforcement materials or using materials in a construction site, have you encountered the vexing problem of not knowing the difference between a CFRP and a CFRP? What is the relationship between carbon fiber cloth of 200 grams per square meter and 300 grams per square meter weight and grade 1 and grade 2?

Don’t faint!  To make a simple analogy, we call 200 grams of carbon fiber cloth “sister”, she is lighter;  300 grams is said to be “brother”, his weight is a little heavier, continue to look, let you find the feeling of another village.

Where does “twin brother and sister” come from?

According to CFRP thickness standard specification?  


“Sister” : the thickness of carbon fiber cloth is 0.111mm, that is, 200 grams of carbon fiber cloth per square meter;


“Elder brother” : the thickness of CFRP is 0.167mm, that is, the weight of CFRP per square meter is 300 grams;


That is, “sister” a little lighter, a little thinner, “brother” a little heavier, a little fatter.


“Individual difference physical ability standard” how differentiate?  


– Each specification of CFRP is also divided into high strength grade 1 and high strength grade 2


Primary carbon cloth tensile strength ≥3400MPa, elastic modulus 230GPa, elongation 1.6%;


Secondary carbon cloth tensile strength ≥3000MPa, elastic modulus 200GPa, elongation 1.5%.


That is, if you have two sisters, and they are ranked first and second, grade one CFRP has higher performance standards than grade two CFRP.

Different grades of CFRP have different application scenarios

Different levels of CFRP have different application scenarios, which requires that the actual material selection should also be based on the construction requirements and design drawings of the corresponding reinforcement material selection, remember to use blindly.

Then some people will think: the same grade of carbon fiber cloth, 200 grams can replace 300 grams?  And the price is much lower!  The answer, of course, is no, because the essential difference between them is that the forces they can bear differ greatly.  Replace 300 grams of carbon fiber cloth with 200 grams of carbon fiber cloth where it should be, and you can imagine the consequences if you exceed the force.  Standard use of reinforcement materials is the bottom line that you and I stick to together.


Post time: Mar-08-2022