Electronic grade glass fiber insulating cloth

Electrical insulation glass fiber cloth, thermal insulation glass fiber cloth – main components. Its main components are silica, alumina, calcium oxide, boron oxide, magnesium oxide, sodium oxide, etc. according to the alkali content in the glass, it can be divided into anti-corrosion FRP cloth – Anlang anti-corrosion FRP cloth
Alkali and no alkali in electrically insulating glass fiber cloth and heat insulating glass fiber cloth respectively lie in the content of alkali metal oxide in glass fiber. The no alkali content is no more than 1, which is generally 0.8 in China. The simple distinguishing method is to use fire to burn the alkali free glass fiber belt with long fire resistance time and less smoke, while the medium alkali glass fiber belt has short fire resistance time and more smoke, so the alkali free glass fiber belt has good high temperature resistance, insulation performance and environmental protection.
The basic material of glass fiber cloth is alkali free glass fiber yarn, which is generally made of reinforced emollient. Glass fiber cloth is an insulation binding material for motor, pipeline and electrical equipment because of its good insulation performance and high temperature resistance. It can make the motor obtain superior insulation performance, prolong the service life of motor and pipeline, reduce volume and weight
Glass fiber – characteristics, raw materials and applications glass fiber is higher than organic fiber in temperature resistance, non combustion, corrosion resistance, good heat insulation and sound insulation (especially glass wool), high tensile strength and good electrical insulation (such as alkali free glass fiber). However, it is brittle and has poor wear resistance. Glass fiber is mainly used as electrical insulation material, industrial filter material, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, heat insulation, sound insulation and shock absorption material. It can also be used as reinforcing material to manufacture reinforced plastic (see color picture) or reinforced rubber, reinforced gypsum, reinforced cement and other products. The flexibility can be improved by coating glass fiber with organic materials, which can be used to make packaging cloth, window screen, wall cloth, covering cloth, protective clothing, electricity insulation and sound insulation materials.
10 * 10,8 * 8 glass fiber cloth. Many customers only know the specifications and models of glass cloth, but they don’t know what the specifications and models refer to. Let me introduce it to you. 8 * 8, 10 * 10 and 12 * 12 refer to the density of glass fiber cloth, and the density refers to the number of warp and weft threads per square centimeter of glass cloth. For example, 10 * 10 means that there are 10 warp and weft lines per square centimeter.
Glass cloth model; Density 8 * 8 / 10 * 10 / 12 * 12 / 12 * 14 / 13 * 16 / 16 * 18 / 18 * 20 / 20 * 24, width 20mm — 2000mm, thickness 0.1mm — 5mm, gram weight 50 — 1500g. Different widths are used according to the diameter of the pipe and different widths are used for different purposes. If; Glass wool board, rock wool board, commonly 1000mm, 1250mm width. The company can customize the density, width and meters according to customers’ needs. The finished glass fiber cloth can also be processed into various colors of fireproof decorative materials, which can be used in fireproof rolling shutter, sound barrier, muffler, fireproof door curtain, Fireproof Blanket, etc

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