Do you know the characteristics and uses of aluminum foil veneer?

Aluminum foil heat insulation coil, also known as barrier film, heat insulation film, heat insulation foil, drawing film, reflection film, etc. It is made of aluminum foil veneer + polyethylene film + fiber braided fabric + metal film laminated by hot melt adhesive. Aluminum foil coil has the functions of heat insulation, waterproof and moisture-proof. This is mainly because the sunshine absorption rate (solar radiation absorption coefficient) of aluminum foil veneer is very low (0.07), with outstanding heat insulation function, can reflect off more than 93% of the radiant heat, is widely used in the construction of roof and external wall heat insulation.

Here are the main characteristics and uses of aluminum foil veneer.

Main FEATURES of aluminum FOIL veneER 1. Corrosion resistance is greatly improved: glass fiber cloth aluminum foil surface through special anti-corrosion coating treatment, corrosion resistance is greatly improved. 2. Direct hot pressing composite, save the composite adhesive, save the composite cost of veneer. 3. The water vapor permeability is smaller, which strengthens the water vapor barrier effect. 4. The tensile strength is better, the veneer is more clean: glass fiber cloth aluminum foil has higher mechanical strength than the rib aluminum foil, which is more suitable for online fitting of glass wool factory, rock wool factory and mineral wool factory. 5. The veneer is more flat, reducing the chance of aluminum foil surface damage:

The main use of aluminum foil veneer

1. Aluminum foil veneer is mainly used for thermal insulation materials of heating and cooling equipment pipelines, sound insulation materials on buildings, rock wool, ultra-fine glass wool outer protective layer, which plays the role of flame retardant, anti-corrosion, heat insulation and sound absorption.

2. Aluminum foil veneer is used for the protection and dressing of oil conveying pipeline, steam pipeline and other chemical equipment, and plays the role of flame retardant, corrosion prevention and heat insulation.

3. Aluminum foil veneer has water vapor barrier performance and high mechanical strength. Aluminum foil veneer is suitable for HVAC duct, heat insulation and water vapor barrier

4. Aluminum foil veneer can be used for the connection of the soft joint of the central air conditioning duct, and the effect of resistance to light radiation. High temperature kiln oven curtain heat preservation, heat insulation, fire protection.

fireproof aluminum foil fiberglass cloth

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