Do you know about one-way carbon fiber cloth?

CFRP is considered well known, how many people know about one-way CFRP? Compared to carbon fiber cloth. What material is unidirectional carbon fiber cloth? Now, the material is relatively common. We may already see this material in our daily lives. It is called unidirectional carbon fiber because its original carbon fiber can maintain high strength and tensile properties in one direction, but if it is not in that direction, the strength and tensile properties will be insufficient. Of course, I don’t need each to have a strong tensile strength in one direction, but only a certain strength and tensile strength in one direction.

carbon fiber cloth

Unidirectional CFRP is widely used in building reinforcement industry. Let’s introduce the information of unidirectional CFRP cloth. Unidirectional CFRP is a soft looking material. It can be reinforced on objects with uneven surfaces. It can have a 100% paste effect. As long as the surface of the building components is cleaned, the paste will be very strong. For example, if there is a crack on the surface of a steel plate, the material can be used for pasting repair, which can make the steel plate have a strong tensile capacity in a certain direction, or even better tensile capacity of the material than the original steel plate. Its own tensile strength is even stronger.

The unidirectional CFRP material itself is easy to construct. It does not require large mechanical equipment to build, nor does it require special on-site treatment. All you need is a pair of scissors to cut the carbon fiber into the shape, and then just repair the area that needs to be repaired. One worker or two workers can easily complete the entire operation. The whole maintenance cycle is very short, the use efficiency is unprecedented. The material itself is very light. One square meter weighs only about one kilogram. If there is no glue, the weight of one kilogram will be lighter. It is the construction industry medium repair.

Post time: May-07-2022