12k carbon fiber cloth, present the knowledge you want!

Speaking of carbon fiber cloth, I believe many people who do reinforcements understand it. Its reinforcement principle is to bond carbon fiber cloth to the surface of concrete components with high-performance carbon fiber supporting resin impregnated glue, and use the good tensile strength of carbon fiber materials to achieve the purpose of enhancing the load-bearing capacity and strength of the components.

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I believe that many friends will encounter the names of carbon fiber cloth in various parameter forms when buying carbon fiber cloth, such as carbon fiber cloth such as 12k, 3k, and 1k.

If you are new friends who are new to carbon fiber cloth, you may be confused when you hear it for the first time. Where is this and where? What do these numbers represent? In fact, these all refer to the number of raw filaments of the carbon fiber cloth. The lower the value, the better the quality of the carbon fiber cloth. Like 3k carbon fiber cloth, it represents 3,000 carbon fiber threads. Today we will talk about 12k carbon fiber cloth, focusing on communication and explanation:

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For 12k carbon fiber cloth, k stands for the number of raw filaments. The smaller the number of raw filaments here, the stronger the stability of the carbon fiber cloth. Someone will say here, isn’t that 1k very good? Yes. However, in actual production, the production of 1k carbon fiber cloth will be very complicated and the price will be higher. Like ordinary 3k carbon fiber cloth, it is considered very good, why do you say that? The carbon fiber cloth used in the aviation field started at 3k.

12k carbon fiber cloth application range:

1. In housing construction, 12k carbon fiber cloth can greatly improve the carrying capacity of these buildings, especially for buildings with more than 20 floors, which are widely used;

2. Transportation railway bridges, there are certain standards for the tonnage that can be carried by general bridges. If used on a bridge, it can greatly increase the load weight of the bridge.

3. For heavy equipment, the use of carbon fiber cloth in heavy equipment can also enhance the carrying capacity of the equipment and greatly improve the safety of the equipment.

4. It is suitable for the reinforcement and repair of various structural types and structural parts, such as beams, slabs, columns, roof trusses, piers, bridges, cylinders, shells and other structures.

5. It is suitable for the reinforcement and seismic reinforcement of concrete structures, masonry structures, and wood structures in port projects, water conservancy and hydropower projects, and is especially suitable for structural reinforcement of complex forms such as curved surfaces and nodes.

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What are the precautions for 12k carbon fiber cloth:

1. The strength requirement of base concrete is not less than C15.

2. The construction environment temperature is within the range of 5~35℃, and the relative humidity is not more than 70%.

Product features of 12k carbon fiber cloth:

1. High strength and high efficiency, light weight, thin thickness, and basically do not increase the weight and section size of the reinforcement member.

2. It has a wide range of applications, and is widely used in the reinforcement and repair of various structural types and structural shapes such as buildings, bridges and tunnels, as well as seismic reinforcement and joints.

3. Convenient construction, no need for large-scale machinery and equipment, no wet work, no hot fire, no on-site fixed facilities, less space for construction, and high construction efficiency.

4. High durability, because it will not rust, it is very suitable for use in high acid, alkali, salt and atmospheric corrosion environments.


Post time: Nov-03-2021