How much is the thickness of carbon fiber cloth in general? Why is 300g carbon fiber cloth 0.167mm?

What is the general thickness of carbon fiber cloth? Why is 300g carbon fiber cloth 0.167mm? Different types of carbon fiber thickness is very different, common thickness of 0.111mm and 0.167mm, there are also some thicker such as 0.294mm or 0.333mm, in the end how to choose the key or to see the actual needs of the specific project. Are you familiar with 0.111mm and 0.167mm? The 200g and 300g carbon fiber cloth we mentioned before mentioned these two thicknesses.

Why is 300g carbon fiber cloth 0.167mm?

Very simple, the density of carbon fiber ρ=1.8g/cm3, thickness = mass/density, so 300g of carbon fiber cloth thickness :300g/m2 divided by 1.8g/cm3=0.167mm.

What are the advantages of 0.167mm carbon fiber cloth?

Imported carbon wire, high flatness, cutting is not scattered;

The tensile strength of carbon fiber cloth can be up to 8 times that of steel, more than 4,000 mpa;

Carbon fiber cloth has the characteristics of acid, alkali and corrosion resistance;

Carbon fiber cloth can be bent and wound, suitable for strengthening all kinds of curved surfaces or special-shaped components;

Carbon fiber cloth light weight, does not increase the component weight, does not change the component section size.

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Post time: Oct-27-2023